ARTYFACTS: Lee Scratch Perry - reggae zombie for 3 hours

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lee Scratch Perry - reggae zombie for 3 hours

What is it about reggae and ska that makes you want to dance, even when you’re sitting down? It’s completely involuntary. Last night Romeo and Lee Scratch Perry pulsed a sound system that nearly lifted the lid off the Dome. I used to go to reggae clubs a lot when I was younger and still love this simple, old school stuff . It’s slow like a strong heartbeat and when it’s loud and vibrates through your inner organs, it sort of takes your body over, so it was great to be a reggae zombie for three hours. These two old-timers just sang, danced and joked their way through the set, while the crowd went bananas. Highpoint was Lee pointing out that tomorrow was the ‘end of the world’ day, recommending a night of reggae as the best way to go out! If there is a God and a heaven, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s called Jah and it’s a non-stop reggae and ska party.


Blogger Paul Hollins said...

Im with you there Donald Lee is a legend and Reggae has that effect on me as Don Letts often tells, Reggae was the dance music of choice for us (Now old) punks.

Chappletown in Leeds was my choice for Reggae during the late 1970's and early 1980's .

BTW check out the new Hollie Cook stuff she is old school Lovers Rock a sweet soulful reggae voice.

1:28 pm  

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