ARTYFACTS: DV8 don't deviate from controversy

Saturday, May 26, 2012

DV8 don't deviate from controversy

You know you’ve seen something extraordinary when an entire row of college kids give a performance a standing ovation. DV8 take you places dance rarely ventures – hardcore debate. In ‘Can we talk about this’ they dance to a political tune, the debate around political speech.
Nothing grand, just lots of tightly choreographed, gesture-like moves, intercut with video. It’s the huge amount of speech that makes it so different, delivered in deadpan voices but amplified by the dance. Clever surprise in the middle (won’t tell, as other performances today). It was DV8 that introduced me to the joys of modern dance and DV8 continue to deliver the goods.
But here’s a deviant thought. Would DV8 deliver this piece in Bradford to a largely Asian audience? It’s all very well with a wholly white, liberal Brighton audience but would they be brave enough to deliver this in an area dominated by the cultures they often attack? I think not. Interestingly, I’d like George Galloway’s views.


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