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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Shine A Light

Beatles or Rolling Stones - I'm RS every time, so this was a joy. Scorcese just focuses on the performance - the band and the music does the rest. This is the the best two hours I've had for ages. Liked the songs from Exile on Main Street - my second favourite album (Ziggy Stardust No 1). Although would have liked to have heard Gimme Shelter.
The greatest rock and roll band in the world - still.


Blogger Unknown said...

Paul & I went to see them in Slane in Ireland in 2007 with a couple of other people - it was a memorable day out and very different from the last time I saw the Stones 25 years ago. Paul's father was kind enough to lend me a green plastic sheath that covered me from neck to ankles and kept me very clean in the muddy field - it's normal use is to keep a person clean when they are killing poultry. I have photos - ha ha ha!

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