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Friday, November 28, 2008

Duke of York's Picturehouse

Best Brighton Business Award for 'Best Customer Service'!

Must be some mistake. Service is second to none for incompetence, queues, lukewarm coffee and slow staff. Even the credit card machines are slow.


Blogger Jon said...

Hi Donald
sorry to hear you feel that way about our cinema - we strive to make the best of our tiny foyer (built in the Edwardian era) and our computers which are not perfect! We operate on small budgets but we try to make up for it with a big smile and polite service.
Hope you'll visit us again!
General Manager

9:40 am  
Blogger Donald Clark said...

Staff serving coffee seem to be young people with no customer service skills. They are painfully slow to pour the coffee and give change. They need to be more vocal - just say 'there's the milk and sugar - help yourself' (which should be off to one side so that the next person can be served). Coffee can also be lukewarm. When there are two on the till it seems to make matters worse as they don't split the tasks and just get in each other's way.

Similarly with tickets. Have two lines, put a sign up 'CASH' or 'CREDIT CARD' and off you go. Shout this out to the waiting crowd - be more vocal.

Queues - get the person who takes the tickets to organise the queues in the foyer, leaving a corridor for people to leave, an orderly queue for people with tickets waiting, and a third for getting tickets. It just needs someone who is confident enough to speak and get people into lines. They usually just lurk about. looking sheepish, in the little corridor.

I think you simply need a more extrovert front of house manager and hire staff who aren't so introvert and slow. It's all very well employing nice middle-class girls front of house - but you pay a price - customers get frustrated

Sorry if I've seemed a little harsh, but I actively avoid the cinema when I think there'll be anything near a full house. Being confused, served slowly and jostled , at these prices, is just a pain.

I really do love the cinema and think you have innovative programming.

3:59 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Donald, stumbled across this post - I live in London, not Brighton and I don't know the cinema in question. However, your public slagging off of the service there kind of irritated me. Clearly from his reply the General Manager wasn't aware of your experience at his cinema until he saw your post online. What a missed opportunity!

I hope in future if you find yourself in a similar situation you will find the decency to approach whoever is in charge and share your good and positive ideas upfront in a pleasant manner, rather than resorting to bitching about them online for the whole world to see. Then those young, middle class, introvert and slow girls may gain some helpful pointers and grow in confidence.

Hopefully now Jon has read your comments he'll put those he feels relevant into action. I just think you could have achieved your outcome differently, Donald.

Happy New Year,

6:34 pm  

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