ARTYFACTS: Saatchi - The Revolution Continues

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Saatchi - The Revolution Continues

First time to the Sloane Square Saatchi gallery to see The Revolution Continues: New Art from China. The sun was out the building was luminescent and the art did what it was meant to do -amaze, amuse and lift your spirit.

Highlights were:

Bburnt incense ash sculpture and paintings of Ahang Huan. These were wistful and Whistler-like nocturnes. 

Zhan Wang's steel moulded rock sculpture (there's a huge one in the Brritsh Museum) lools good and provides a thousand different images as you move round. It's like Mercury in zero-gravity.

Fang Lijun's cross-cultural church dome image of chinese angels acsending to heaven punches you out of the Western tradition in art.

Zheng Guogu's Wax sculpture is a familiar Chinese sculptural form made into a fragile object - you wanted to snap them off like a child.

Li Siongsong's deep panleled paintings are all fingermarks and colour, fractured and textured - killing the propoganda that they represent with paint.

Finally bnthere was the funny and scary guys on robotic wheelchairs whirring across the room, bumping into eachg other. great fun. There was a gallery girl whose job it was to separate them when they got stuck. She had all the grace of  someone working in an old folks home who hates pensioners. All gruff movements and an unsmiling face. Art meets real life - priceless.



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