ARTYFACTS: Day 20 - the show that disappeared

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Day 20 - the show that disappeared

When the festival was launched I mentioned the rather dismal appearance of a local artist and two singers trying to do something around 'hen and stag' parties - I can't now remember its name. This didn't come off, for one reason or another. However, having spent the last month out on the town almost every night, I must admit to be rather taken with the 'stag and hen' parties.

I saw lots of them on the seafront and West Street during my Rider Spoke experience. And sitting in outside the Hub (great sccess this year) and the Collonade bar (my home from home for May), I witnessed many a party wander by. The best, by far, was last night when a rather stange 'lap-dancing limosine' stopped in New Street advertising this dodgy new mobile service, while no more than a few steps away a hen party, all with pink rabbit ears, stood encircled around a tour guide explaining the history of the Theatre Royal. Several other theatrically dressed groups wandered by at regular intervals. They clearly love the opportuity to dress up a bit, pose and generally perform. Everyone's a bit snooty about the whole thing - I absolutely love it.


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