ARTYFACTS: Silent - Pavilion Theatre

Monday, May 07, 2012

Silent - Pavilion Theatre

A homeless, camp tramp digs back into his life in a curious mix of talk, dance, audience interaction and a whiff of dry ice. He peels away the layers, to reveal a gay brother, a failed marriage and mental illness. The twist is his use of Rudolph Valentino as a motif. Works well in the small Pavilion Theatre. It’s like an extended dramatic Irish wake, with the taking of drink, some solid swearing, Actimel and not a little grim humour. Pat Kinevane doesn’t let up, he sweeps you up and drives at 80 mph all the way up the performance fast lane. If anything that’s my only quibble -  the lack of variation in pace. The lesson? We’re all doomed, so let’s have a laugh along the way and don’t take your prejudices, others, or self, too seriously! Grand way to spend a Sunday night.


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