ARTYFACTS: Tate Modern

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Tate Modern

Had my day at the Tate Modern participating in a choreographed art project, where we were given identical latex masks and asked to do timed events with the public, such as point to people with red clothes then point skywards, lie down and sunbathe, dance in a prescribed circle etc.

It was damn good fun and from behind the mask you could see the reactions of fear, amusement and bewilderment. As we all looked identical, with expressionless faces, it was quite spooky. The Tate this Saturday was everything an arts venue should be - packed, interesting with loads going on. There was live music, group arts events and massive participation. This user-participative art is, I think, something that will grow. It's an extension of the internet and the non-complaint nature of audiences. We don't want to just LOOK, we want to take part.


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