ARTYFACTS: Kitson compilation C90 - Day 15

Monday, May 21, 2007

Kitson compilation C90 - Day 15

What a wonderful set of people Daniel Kitson is. Bit uncomfortable sitting on the floor and I'm not sure how necessary this was. However, the discomfort was made more than bearable by Daniel Kitson's performance. The same themes as his stand-up emerge; that people mater more than roles, status and the tyranny of employment. His inner world is an interesting place and his use of language is way beyond that of most stand-up comedians. He's observant, humane, idiosyncratic, even sometimes poetic. It's a joy just to listen to the words.

The memories and observations tumble out and the wonderful inner worlds of his characters are revealed, not in any grand manner, but simply as habits, foibles and fears. It's very solipsistic but that's fine as it's the inner landscapes he loves, not the external world. If you liked this go and see his stand-up - you'll love him.


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