ARTYFACTS: Manus Noble – surprise, surprise

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Manus Noble – surprise, surprise

Some Apollonian, European Bach followed by more Dionysian, South American  Morel (Venezuelan) and Piazzolla (Argentinian). Then a complete surprise – an abstract piece about being poisoned by Deadly Nightshade by Bruce MacCombie. A single note as the poison struck, then trills of delirium as it took over the mind, clusters of notes change slightly, like cells multiplying and there’s bits of chaos and bits of calm – madness in music. Eventually it kills. Back to Mongore (Paraguayan) then a jazzy piece by his old teacher, Gary Ryan. But it was the finale I enjoyed most, Gary Ryan’s Rockweeed, a mash-up of guitar techniques – slide, jazz, rock, scratching, plucking  - you name it, it’s in there, surprise after surprise. For an encore he did one of his own pieces, an Irish tune. Great to hear a young musician eschew the standard repertoire for a box of surprises. Classical music needs to get out more and these youngsters are leading the way.


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