ARTYFACTS: Major Tom: a woman, a dog and SHOWTIME. Delightful!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Major Tom: a woman, a dog and SHOWTIME. Delightful!

Delightful – that’s the word I’d use – not deep, not profound, but delightful. And that’s enough for me. I sat entranced for a full hour (unusual for me) by the simple act of a woman, her Basset hound, some video, several costume changes and a delivery that was so charming and unarming, that it lulled you completely into her world.
It’s a tale of dog shows, beauty contests and a woman who does things - well just for the hell of it. Of course, it’s about success, failure, trying, overcoming and values. There was something oddly surreal bout her delivery – it was monotone but never dull, simple but quite complex and full of little surprises - like the odd swear word or echoes of her Northern accent. That’s the great thing about this performance – you really do have to see her to get it. So go see her….. fantastic piece of one-woman theatre.


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