ARTYFACTS: Mariza - not a passing fado!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Mariza - not a passing fado!

More than a passing Fado for me, as I've loved her work for the last five years and was pretty excited about this concert as I've wiped away many a tear listening to her at home - she didn't disappoint.
She is a stunning spectacle in herself, half African, half European, very tall with cropped blonde hair - like an elongated Elizabeth 1, without her wig. You just can't keep your eyes off her extraordinary shape.
But it's her voice and command of an audience that tells. She's been singing to audiences since she was five and knows exactly how to handle the ebb and flow of emotion - for Fado is extremely emotional. I preferred the pure Fado songs, but also enjoyed the other world influenced numbers. I literally can't listen to O gente da Minha Terra without the tears welling up (I'd pay £25 just to hear that one song live), Primavera being a close second. From heart rending Fado to roof rousing ballads, she had the entire concert hall on their feet clapping away. No better way to spend a Sunday night. Plenty of Brazilian and Spanish people in the audience tonight but for one evening at least, we were all Portugues.


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