ARTYFACTS: Kendell Greers (Baltic)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Kendell Greers (Baltic)

Geers works are made to shock but art designed to shock is often tamer than the artist thinks. The police baton star is by far the best piece as it is both beautiful and full of violent intent. The taped crucifix, a sort of Prometheus Bound image, takes you by surprise but the taped skeleton, just a couple of yards away then seems like a second-hand idea.

The broken glass with brick is a neat and curious work but the padlocks, heads in a bag and other ephemera are, to be frank, puerile. Walking through the crucifix-shaped corridor of body bags was unnerving. Orange has become the colour of evil after Guantanamo.

As for the car on a plinth protected by broken glass – neither shocking nor surprising if your familiar with housing estates in the UK. The obligatory skull has been commodotised in art for so long that it seems commonplace and dull.


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