ARTYFACTS: Into The Wild

Friday, November 16, 2007

Into The Wild

Haven’t we all just anted to ‘take-off’ sometime, hit the road, forget the past. Alex does this by giving his money to charity, driving West and changing his name. The America he wants is the landscape, the rivers, desert and mountains, what they call the wilderness. In the end, he can’t. He is educated but in the end, his urban background kills him. This urbanised kid fails to fend for himself in the wild, lacking the skills to kills and store meat and using a paperback to spot edible plants, one of which kills him.

But it’s his quest that fascinates. We all want like to think we could drop it all tomorrow but we can’t. It takes courage to give up a careers, work, comforts and civilisation. It is a very caring and moving work about the pain of parenthood and the pain of separation when a young man breaks from his family, and in this case society and rules.


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