ARTYFACTS: Museum Night

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Museum Night

Can't we have silent cinema food?
Fun with the kids although the sound of fat people eating popcorn was frightening. Who in their right mind thought, and still think, that popcorn and movies complement each other. And why sell sweets in wrappers that rustle like crazy when you open them? And while I'm on the subject - stop selling straws - people slurp at the end of the drink! Here's a plea for silent cinema food.

Odd history, great graphics

The American Museum of Natural History in the US is a rather strange place with its themes and odd displays. (However, I love the meteorite room.) This is reflected in the movie which seems to deal mostly with US History and not Natural History. We have cowboys teaming up with Romans (conveniently sidestepping coboys v indians), drawing obvious parallels for those of a geopolitical bent, and Ghengis Khan, cavemen and oddly, Roosevelt, all fighting for truth, justice and reconciliation. The Egyptian code idea is stupid but so is the whole idea - it's just some fun. What is good are the graphics. The lions, dinosaurs and god knows what else are seamlessly integrated.


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