ARTYFACTS: Wallinger - Hayward gallery

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wallinger - Hayward gallery

I'm never quite convinced by Wallinger and his huge 'white horse' may turn out to be Kent's white elephant. However, there's some interesting pieces here in this curated show on frontiers, borders and thresholds - Wallinger's forte, as they say.

But let's be honest the main theme is too loose and the show fails on several fronts (oops thresholds). It drags in pieces that have to be explained in terms of the theme in text. The 'Man on the Wire' video, for example. Why should these disparate pieces be brought together? Not sure really. I didn't feel enlightened on the nature of frontires or ambiguity. Now doing something brave, such as fooling you as you enter into thinking you've enterd an arty exhibition, or having some falsely attributed pieces, would have been interesting, anything but a 'collection'. This has all the pettiness of a collector's mindset. Someone with a bee in their art bonnet.


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