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Monday, May 20, 2013

BUG: Fat Boy Slim - art of the music video

For years our football team had a record label's logo on the front of their shirts  - Skint. Tonight we turned out to see some of the iconic videos that Norman Cook and that label has turned out over the years. First up was the video that deconstructed video - Everybody Needs a 303. The guy is a local doorman called 'Perv'.
Push the Tempo used poles to shake actors with the poles being removed afterwards.

Then the masterpiece that is Praise me by the genius Spike Jonze. Rejected by MTV for being of insufficient quality it went on to take every award known to man in the Music Video world.
Then another piece of art - Christopher Walken dancing in the Marriot in LA.
I'm not a great fan of the video art I see in installations (there's one particularly bad example in the Univ of Brighton gallery as I write) as I think the real talent shows itself in music videos. Directors like Tim Pope and Spike Jonze. Joyous evening, lots of laughs and some great music videos.


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