ARTYFACTS: Trance – Danny Boyle loses the plot – literally – tedious & tiresome film

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Trance – Danny Boyle loses the plot – literally – tedious & tiresome film

Oh shit. It's an empty frame! That about sums this film up.
Before the film even started there was a short video introduction by Danny Boyle. Where did that come from? “Hi I’m Danny Boyle….Olympics…thanks for coming…” I’m eher to watch a movie not a tribute.
The lead then narrates the opening scenes. This is always a bad sign showing that the writer has to ‘tell’ and not ‘show’ you things. Then there’s a massive continuity error, showing lazy filming (rifle is in his hands then it disappears). What follows is barely worth following. If it was a meditation on memory or the unconscious, it fails. If it was a thriller, it fails. As a film on any level, it fails. Someone really should have told him that this script should have been binned as trash. The plot is ridiculous, overwrought and forced resulting in a confusing mess.
That’s not all, as every single performance is flat, especially Rosario Dawson but also Vincent Cassel. James McAvoy is a half decent actor but even he struggles to get any inner, psychological states across. To be fair they have no real script or dialogue to work with, Nevertheless, what they do deliver has no impact. You feel nothing for any of the characters. In the fire and brimstone at the end you just wish they would burn faster so that the film would end.
Finally, if there were awards for worst sex scene in a film, Trance would win the top three spots. The excuse for showing Rosario Dawson’s bits, in detail, is a half-baked piece of fine art theory, I kid you not.
Is this what happens when you become a so-celled National Treasure? If so, let’s bury him deep so that he doesn’t waste any more valuable film money.


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