ARTYFACTS: Root cause of the suicide is hubris around the Royal Family

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Root cause of the suicide is hubris around the Royal Family

Hoax calls happen. They're part of our culture. Remember when the Queen took one in 1995 from the supposed Canadian Prime Minister? 
Seems to me that the root cause of the suicide is the hubris around the Royal Family, with that phalanx of Royal Correspondents and the British media pumping up the 'Royals as celebrities' balloon. It's the hubris that caused the guilt in the poor woman who died. She was only plunged into despair because of the supposed subservient nature many take towards these monsters. Why do we need to know about the morning sickness of a pregnant woman - it's perfectly normal? Why are the media camped outside the hospital? When we're investing a foetus with the right to become Head of State, then we're in Gaga land. 
In terms of her guilt, it was an absurd reverence for the Royal Family that was the key, causal factor. She's not the first casualty - remember Diana? As long as The Royal Family, the BBC and others play this game, there will be casualties. This nation's sycophancy for The Royal Family has turned into stalking by the media on behalf of the public.


Blogger Thabo Mophiring said...

actually this stupid primarily straight White male culture of hoax calls is a cancer. The unfortunate nurse is not the first person to be hurt just very visible.

So stop deflecting and acknowledge a wrong.


4:40 pm  
Blogger Donald Clark said...

Eh? of the hoax callers was a WOMAN pretending to be the queen! Also, doesn't take long to find hoax calls in non-Western cultures. And why blame 'straight' people?

4:48 pm  
Blogger Rob Alton said...

Are you following Morrissey? Good points well made

12:39 pm  

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