ARTYFACTS: Day 5: Eno's 77 million paintings

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Day 5: Eno's 77 million paintings

People lounge back on huge red sofas to watch huge luminous images morph to the music. It was like walking into a church from the back and seeing lone, silent worshipers pray. I sat for over and hour, but there were some who were clearly there for longer and no wonder. Huge screens (TVs?) are arranged to show a slowly changing set of mixed images, generated by a piece of software, I presume. Set at the working end of the church, the apse, it was like a huge, constantly changing, stained glass window, but more Islamic than Christian, as it’s primarily geometric. The music’s generated from multiple CD players overlaying tracks on each other. Generated art and generated music. Go there and contemplate. Honestly, it's brilliant. This Eno guy’s starting to impress me.


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