ARTYFACTS: Day 17: Political Mother

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 17: Political Mother

Modern dance pays too much attention to its classical roots, so I was delighted to see Hofesh Shechter rock the roof off the Dome with a performance tat literally stunned the audience,with a wall of sound, from four guitars and four drummers. But the real genius was the lead singer who roared out meaningless political slogans. He was the spear tip that jabbed at the audience. You couldn't keep your eyes off him, even when the dancers were on stage. It had all the trademark Hofesh choreography, reaching for objects above the dancers heads, groups being washed around the stage. Andrew Comben,the Director of the Brighton Festival brought them to Brighton as the resident dance group, gave them space for rehearsal, and with this performance, Andrew has made his name. It's on tour now - go see it.


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