ARTYFACTS: Dat 5: Loin

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Dat 5: Loin

Precision performance from this mixed up chap, and I’d love to see it again, as it threads projected text, dance, music and film to present his fractured identity. I’m sure I missed a lot on first sight. It starts with a cyclical movement where he’s crushed to the ground, reflecting the torture his father endured? Violence is always the driver here and explodes from the dancer on several occasions and violence dominates the memories of the witnesses. The past rips up his present and there is no clear narrative. The dance sequences where he lets rip and the most thrilling as if the past is electrocuting him; in stark contrast to the precise control of the opening dance. Life is not a story, it’s a bad meal with some old and foul tasting ingredients. Intersecting real video from his mother was a powerful finale.


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