ARTYFACTS: Hofesh Schechter

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hofesh Schechter

The audience was packed with youngsters tonight for the hottest choreographer and dance group around – Hofesh Schechter. Just before it started there was an air of excitement and they were right to be in an expectant mood. They got a good old Brighton welcome, as audiences down here love contenporary dance.

The live music; two percussionists, a double base, cello and viola, boomed away and bounced the whole piece forward. Always on the edge of chaos they group, fragment and regroup.

The first piece, Uprising, with seven dancers, has echoes of hip hop and other things you’ve seen, but it is truly original. After cocking a snoop at classical, they play, fight, love, hate. The dancers drift in and out of soft lights so that the environment is slightly fuzzy.

In the second piece, the misicians are lit high on the right hand side of the stage. In your rooms has a dozen dancers and boy is this a full on power piece. The band were in full swing and the whole thing just swept us along at full tilt. The dancers gave it their all and it was truly moving to see so many young people in the audience whooping with delight. We were all truly thrilled, even stunned.

The woman sitting next to me turned out to be my ex-neighbour and her daughter was one of the female dancers. Winifred was born in Brighton and has come a long way, as this lot are hot. I told her it was OK to be proud, and she was.

Hofesh Schechter will be in residence in Brighton and we’re glad to have them. The new CEO of the Dome and Festival, Andrew Comben, is making his mark already and I’m also feeling proud, as I helped recruit him.


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