ARTYFACTS: Random day at the fringe - big mistake...

Monday, September 03, 2007

Random day at the fringe - big mistake...

David Long
Sculpture, paintings and photographs by Long going back 40 years to his student days. By using landscapes as his canvas he creates presences that suggest human intervention. They are usually made to be part of the landscape, rather than added to. For example, a line of cut daisies leaving plain grass, rock circles and, best of all, a rock cross made from slate outside of the gallery. Then there’s the mud paintings which I found, well muddy and dull.

Had lunch at one of Edinburgh’s best scoff houses. One of our party related a tale of a rent boy he had hired for 2000 pesetas in Madrid - ceratainly turned the heads of the 'ladies who lunch'.

The Table
Four (polish?) guys make music with a table. If this had been a normal table fine, but it had strings, microphones and musical instruments built-in. What was the point? As for the music, the only highlight was a heavy metal Metallica piece, otherwise dull. They’ll be back on the plumbing at the end of the Fringe I fear.

Into the hood
Why does hip-hop and break-dancing have to be castrated when it transfers from street to theatre? Predictable goody-goody tale with some talented dancers but didn’t deserve the standing ovation – smacked of white folks feeling guilty.

Steven Amos
Great start as a sort of James Brown evangelist but descended into predictable ‘when I was young’ stand-up. He does some very good stuff with the crowd and hecklers but relies too much on rather stale material.


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