ARTYFACTS: Latin lilts - Day 10

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Latin lilts - Day 10

Roberto Fonseca literally mugged the Steinway on his first number. It was an impressive start. He sometimes attacks the piano, literally pummelling the instrument and I would have preferred to have heard more of him and less of the persussionist and drums. Sure he has the Buena Vista Social Club pedigree and dedicated one number to Ibrahim Ferrer. This was an older 50+ audience but they were upo fro a little jazz sing-along with the usual 'guys then dolls' and 'let's split the audience down the middle. Easy to like difficult to love.

Marta Topferova had the voice but her compositions lacked deep emotion, not a good thing in Latin music. She also lacked stage presence and dressed like someone who doesn't get out much. It felt as though the Dome was too big a venue for her quiet reflective pieces. Her sales technique was odd. She constantly reminded us that her CDs were on sale. At one point I though she'd offer a three for two deal! WE KNOW the CDs are for sale in the foyer.


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