ARTYFACTS: Kris Drever - Day 7

Friday, May 11, 2007

Kris Drever - Day 7

Lunchtime performance by the Orcadian folk singer. Kris has a strong accent and a voice that drones so that it is sometimes difficult to decipher. I was lucky, as I'm a Scot, and got the accent along with many of the references. Indeed, I went to school next to the Grangemouth 'blast zone' he referred to.

Worth it for one song alone - Hang Me - a haunting deathwish of a song. I also loved Steel and Stone, the title track from his new album, Black Water. Not so sure about some of the others. However, what a great way to spend an hour.

Came out ot be greeted by a huge mechanical horse and a sort of Gypsy band. Looking forward to Dublin by Lamplight tonight.


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