ARTYFACTS: African Soul Rebels - Brighton Dome

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

African Soul Rebels - Brighton Dome

Ba Cissoko
The kora is a beautiful African instrument which sounds like a cross between a harp and guitar. It usually sound gentle and melodic but tonight I heard something extraordinary – the instrument was put through a Jimi Henrix experience. It wailed and rocked. This was really uplifting. The drummer was also measured and the combination of two koras made the place zing. Love their aptly named, latest album, "Electric Griotland"!

Algerian singer Akli D had some fine songs which vary in pace and style, while Nigerian Femi Kuti, lead singer and saxaphonist, can certainly shake a leg, but it’s the sheer enthusiasm of his band that make the act work. The backing horns are really backing dancers. The drummers are ferocious. As for the three dancers, they put hip-hop video queens to shame. Maybe a little too loud giving a muddy sound – or maybe I‘m getting old!
27 Feb 2007


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