ARTYFACTS: Day8: This is Scenius

Monday, May 10, 2010

Day8: This is Scenius

To rechristen these concerts 'This was Tedious' would be a cheap shot, but there it is. I can't for the life of me see what was worthy in this triplet of concerts. I sat through all three hoping for a revelation or epiphany - it never came.
Eno had a nice line in self-depreciating theory, pretending to be an academic delivering the last lecture of the year to us, his students. The course was Module 4 in Cultural Reconstruction and , as all digital music had been destroyed in the Great Pulse in 2038, the group were trying to reconstruct the lost genres. The first was North American Pedagogic; music designed to keep students awake in lectures, as it was cheaper than Ritalin. Unfortunately, the music was as tedious as most lecturers.
A fair number of the audience left well before the end and all three concerts were thinly attended. I suppose this was because there aren't enough Eno fanboys out there and the whole enterprise was a bit vague. But what surprised me was the lack of energy and surprise. It was billed as a, free-flowing exercise in group composition but there was little or no communication between the Eno and the band. They had tea set up on a table with a sofa and chairs but no one had a cup of tea.
I've got to give Eno the benefit of the doubt here and blame my lack of musical sensitivity - but telling it straight, I felt it was lacklustre. At times it felt as though early 70s prog rock had returned.


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