ARTYFACTS: Day 9: The Books, Anna Calvi

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 9: The Books, Anna Calvi

'Next big things' is the black spot in music. One minute the next Meatloaf, the next dead meat. I didn't really see the core talent in Anna Calvi. She plucks a fair, but unpolished, guitar solo and has a voice that is almost there, but not quite. Altogether too shouty and the drummer needs to calm down. Far more interesting was the young lad who came on with a poncho, harp and guitar before her. He had a fine voice, quirky songs and did a ballsy march off the stage through the audience.
The Books, however, showed stunning originality, stage presence and charm. They are unlike anything else you may have heard with their cello, guitar, bass instrumentation, backing loops and quirky videos.


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