ARTYFACTS: Edinburgh Festival: Ritter, dene, Voss

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Edinburgh Festival: Ritter, dene, Voss

Tried this after a guy thrust a leaflet into my hand with a picture of Wittgenstein. Turns out to be one of those happy accidents, as the three actors were superb. Way beyond the usual standard in the Fringe. It's a Thomas Bernhard comedy, but Austrian, so don't expect belly laughs.

Ludwig (Wittgenstein) is played as an intense young man, full of eccentricities and mad outbursts. the 'cream puff' scene does the 'language game' theme justice! The two sisters battled it out (both fine actresses) and despite the small audience, they gave it their all. The whole reflective theme of actors, playing a role is not overcooked.


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