ARTYFACTS: Edinburgh Festival: Camille O'Sullivan

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Edinburgh Festival: Camille O'Sullivan

What a night! We sat in the front row (me, Gillian and the twins). Gillian got her head thurst into Camille's breasts,and my sons cowered as she prowled, eyeing them up. But what a performance.Much more than just the beautiful songs she sung - Nick Cave's Ship Song, Water Song and God is in the House, Bowie's Rock n Roll suicide and Five Years. Cash's Hurt and Brel. It was a beautiful blend of tear-jerking tragedy and burlesque laughter. Check her out on YouTube. Better still go see her as soon as you can.


Blogger Rob Alton said...

Just been listening to her live album. She was brilliant on Jools Holland. Unfortunately missed her when she came to Norwich as I hadn't heard of her at the time.

Now, where does one have to sit in the front row to avoid getting grabbed? Just give me the seat number and I'll try to avoid sitting there. Possibly :)

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