ARTYFACTS: Albers & Moholy-Nagy - Tate Modern

Friday, January 12, 2007

Albers & Moholy-Nagy - Tate Modern

2D v 3D
Having seen the Modernism exhibition at teh V&A this was like going from wide-screen to close-up. Albers and Nagy taught at the Bauhaus and this exhibition is mostly 2D. I say this because the driver behind their art - the new mechanical world, was throoughly 3D. This gap was way too wide at times. Their grids, stained glass and etchings seems stuck in the 2D past. Flat planes are all too plain. I much preferred the 3D designs of cars and engines at the V&A.

It's the art of the drawing board and setsquare. They ask you take time in front of each image but the flatness is as dead as a polished gravestone. Most of it doesn't come to life. Things improved enormously wehn we saw print work for the London Underground and Imperial Airways. Quite apart from the historical interest (Paris £4 15 s, Cairo £75 return, Jo'burg £225 - 8.5 days, Singapore £280). It took 12 days o get to Brisbane!


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