ARTYFACTS: Surprise, surprise

Monday, May 08, 2006

Surprise, surprise

Found myself, unexpectedly, in a dark room recording a 30 second piece about ‘What I like about the Brighton Festival?’ I like surprises and that’s what I said – it’s all about the unexpected. I have no idea what this was for or where it will be seen. Not surprising, really.

Reminded me of a truly wonderful project we did in 2ooo when Brighton bid to become City. After placing an ad in The Argus, we shot, on video, 100 people, each born in a different year of the entire century, then put it on CD-ROM so that you could select a year or person. It was astonishing, with stories about the First World war, excited kids and lots of Brighton eccentrics - although in Brighton the eccentrics are so common that the word loses its meaning.


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